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Welcome to Tiffany Sheldon Design. I am an Interior Decorator, former Home Economist, wife, mom to 2 teenage boys and two faithful dogs.  I love all things design and fashion.  I have been working as an Interior Decorator in a serious manner since 2006.  This summer has been a rebranding time for my company.  I changed the name and the look (formerly Rooms “space waiting to be transformed) and have finally launched this website. (I have been talking about doing this for about 2 years!) My sons scoffed at me when I said I wanted to start a blog. (Apparently their mom is not hip enough to blog – let alone have a twitter account!)  The purpose of my blog is to communicate with my audience what’s happening in the design world and any tips I have to share on all things design for your home.

Last week I just did a presentation on design trends and ways  to spruce up a room to a YMCA Mom’s group in River Park South – thanks to Heike and Gia for inviting me – I met some great women.  I shared with them some tips….the first one being…..Your biggest dilemma’s in life often come from your failure to plan…decorating your home is no different.

1.Create an idea file (save images from Pinterest or Houzz, rip pages from magazines, take pictures of your friends places that you like, go to showhomes) review it and see what you come up with. Do you notice a certain style emerging, repeating colours or textures, common furniture? This gives you a vision and a direction for your space you want to re decorate.  Look around your house? Do you have anything similar already?

My Design Ideas


2. Prep the room you want to change – clean it from top to bottom including the furniture and window coverings you are keeping.  It will look better already! Now you are ready to paint or wallpaper if you choose – look to your vision file for direction.

3. Review you furniture layout and focal point of the room.

A well done focal point.

Do you need to change it? Does it flow? Do you need to work on the focal point area of your room? Paint, wallpaper, artwork? A new cabinet for the tv or mount it on the wall with a sideboard or dresser underneath. New mantel on the fireplace? Spray paint the brass firebox?

4.Look at your furniture and window coverings- what do you want to keep, how can you spruce it up if doing so? New toss pillows, a throw?  Chairs – do you need to add some, re cover? Sofa’s and Loveseat’s should almost always be at right angles.  Your coffee table and end tables? Do they need sprucing up – re paint, re stain?  Replace the coffee table with an ottoman so you have storage for toys or blankets? Do you need new blinds? New curtains or can you dress up the curtains you have by adding ribbon banding to the edge or bottom in a contrast colour.

5. Lighting is so important – do you have proper bulbs in your lamps and overhead lights?  Do you need to add lighting to the room – via lamps or recessed or track lighting? Make sure the lamps are the right height for the task. The base of the shade should be a few inches higher than your shoulder. Lighter shades give you more light as opposed to darker.

Owls – a current accessory trend

A way to display photographs

6. Edit, add and organize – take out everything, only put back in what you need to use and make sure it has a home.  As far as accessorizing, create vignettes through out the room. On a bookshelf  amongst the books, on a sofa table or coffee table.  Groups of 3 are best. Look at pictures from your idea file for inspiration.  Have fun with it this is your opportunity to tell a story or let people know what your family is all about. You can also have fun with trendy items here.  Pick up a few of the moment pieces such as the Owls (pictured above) Artwork – adds so much to a room.  Create a grouping of family photos. Invest in some local art or hit your local Homesense on a regular basis for some inexpensive pieces or  enlarge some great photos of places you have travelled or some beautiful local spots – such as the St. Norbert Monastery, the Forks or some cool buildings in the Exchange District.

7. All the while keep a wish list of things you would like to add to the space, carry that list with you as well as your paint chips and a piece of fabric from the room so you are ready to shop at all times!

Happy decorating! TSD



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